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"We offer designs that meet customer needs through high-quality stationery and excellent designs from around the world. We believe that design is an essential condition for a comfortable life, as well as an idea that solves life's inconveniences and discomforts."

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TaG サブマリン万年筆


TaG Submarine Fountain Pen

"Japan is a country where the craftsmanship of fountain pens and the culture of writing instruments are deeply rooted. Fountain pens are closely connected to Japan's traditional calligraphy and stationery culture, creating a high demand for high-quality and unique products. The submarine design motif of this fountain pen attracts attention in the Japanese market for its innovative appearance and functionality. Additionally, the rotating ink intake mechanism makes refilling ink easier compared to traditional methods, enhancing usability. (Pre-orders start in Japan on Makuake from August.)"



SAN HO STUDIOヘキサゴンシャープペンシル0.5mmとウエストラインシャープペンシル0.5mmは、その繊細な線と優雅なデザインにより、書き手に独特の魅力を提供します。木の温かみと滑らかな握り心地が、書く時間をより快適で楽しいものにします。また、0.5ミリの細やかな線は、精密な描線やメモに最適であり、美しい文字や図面を生み出すのに最適です。

Taiwanese Wooden Pen Brand "San Ho Studio" Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm

"The SAN HO STUDIO Hexagon Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm and Waistline Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm offer unique charm to writers with their delicate lines and elegant design. The warmth of wood and smooth grip make writing more comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, the fine 0.5mm lines are perfect for precise drawing and notes, making it ideal for creating beautiful text and drawings."



Taiwanese Ink Specialist Brand "Ink Institute" Custom Ink Production Available from 30 Bottles

"The Taiwanese ink specialist brand 'Ink Institute' offers custom fountain pen inks (30ml) with a minimum order of 30 bottles. (Supports regular ink and sheen ink.)"