「JOIN US STATIONERY HOLIC」の理念のもと、文房具が好きだけじゃない、

Wakei Stationery is a stationery specialty store founded in 1926 in Osaka, Japan.
Under the philosophy of "JOIN US STATIONERY HOLIC", we do not just love stationery,
We put our desire for you to love stationery so much that you become addicted to it into our products and services,
We deliver our products and services to stationery fans all over Japan, mainly through online shopping.

We deliver the joy of writing, mainly through notebooks and diaries, to stationery fans all over Japan, mainly through online shopping.
We also provide information about the joys of writing, mainly through notebooks and diaries, on SNS (social networking service), mainly on Instagram, and in our web magazine.



JS Diary
JS Diary: A notebook with special paper and a variety of formats that lets you enjoy the charm of handwriting to the fullest, with OK puff pastry paper for smooth writing and thread-bound binding for ease of use. The weekly notebook, left-over notebook, vertical notebook + memo, one-month spread + memo, and other styles allow you to enjoy managing your daily schedule and taking notes in a style that suits you best. Combining the warmth of handwriting with ease of use, this book proposes a fulfilling notebook life."



Templates for Notebooks
Wakei Stationery's templates for organizers are useful items that can be utilized even by those who cannot write neatly. Depending on how you use them, you will have unlimited possibilities. Purchasers give it high marks, and some say they try it out while referring to the video. Simply by attaching it to your notebook, it improves the writing experience. Made of flexible resin and thin in thickness, it can be used with ballpoint pens with nibs up to 0.5 mm. There may be some limitations due to the writing style of the pen, but if you draft with a mechanical pencil and then write neatly, there will be no problem. Recommended for those who want to organize their notebooks beautifully.



Clear Stamp
Wakei Stationery's original clear stamps are a cute way to decorate your notebooks and organizers. With original illustrations, these stamps are perfect for decorating and decorating your schedule. The transparent material makes it easy to check the position of the stamp and there is no need to worry about it slipping off. The two-hole sheet can be stored in a file, making it easy to use. A wide variety of stamp sizes and designs are available, and can be combined with decorations and text. Acrylic holder sold separately.