【A面】インクのある生活を楽しんでいただくために、世界各国の感性で作られたインク(Robert Oster/JOURNALIZE/KALA)をご紹介。万年筆が初めての方や、毎日持ち運べる万年筆(Kaweco/VIVAPEN)、こだわりの万年筆(Kaweco-SUPRA/PENLUX/BENU)をお持ち致します。ペン芯を洗ったり、インクを持ち運べるキット(POINT)もご用意し、色鉛筆とマーカー(KOH-I-NOOR/edding)の組み合わせで、インクの楽しみ方もご提案致します。【B面】シャープ沼にはまるをテーマに、こだわりのイギリス製やアメリカのシャープ(WINGBACK/ TACTILE TURN)、各国の芯ホルダー、各種芯(Kaweco/ KOH-I-NOOR)や、削り器(DUX/M+R)もご紹介致します。



A side] Inks created with sensibilities from around the world (Robert Oster/JOURNALIZE/KALA) to help you enjoy your life with ink. We will have fountain pens for those who are new to fountain pens, fountain pens that can be carried everyday (Kaweco/VIVAPEN), and fountain pens with special features (Kaweco-SUPRA/PENLUX/BENU). We will also offer a kit (POINT) to wash pen leads and carry ink with you, and a combination of colored pencils and markers (KOH-I-NOOR/edding) to enjoy ink. B-side] With the theme of getting hooked on pencils, we will introduce British and American pencils (WINGBACK/ TACTILE TURN), pencil holders from various countries, various pencils (Kaweco/ KOH-I-NOOR), and sharpeners (DUX/M+R).


JOURNALI ZE(ジャーナライズ)社はデジタル化が進む中、あえて手書きの良さと楽しさを伝え、どこか懐かしい思いを抱かせる文房具を集めたセレクトショップとして2014年香港で創業。
香港という土地柄、西洋、東洋の双方の文化を上手に昇華させた表現で、Starry Nightという、星空のようにキラキラ輝くラメ入りのインクをお届けしたいと願い、2022年に発売開始となりました。インク内に豊富に含むラメの効果により、様々な色の変化が楽しめるのみならず、インクの量の調整により、その効果を強めたり、弱めたりすることで、書き上げた文字それぞれの表現を楽しんでいただけるインクです。

Life with Ink
JOURNALI ZE was established in Hong Kong in 2014 as a select store featuring stationery products that convey the joy and quality of handwriting and evoke nostalgic feelings in an increasingly digitalized world.
The company hopes to deliver Starry Night, an ink with glittering lamé that shines like a starry sky, in an expression that skillfully sublimates both Western and Eastern cultures in Hong Kong, and will launch the product in 2022. The ink is rich in lame, which allows the user to enjoy not only various color changes, but also to strengthen or weaken the effect by adjusting the amount of ink, allowing the user to enjoy the expression of each character written in the ink.



Get stuck in the Sharpie swamp
Introducing some of the most unusual mechanical pencils from around the world.