POP-PAPER is a brand of paper stationery created by SUNCLAR, a small printing company in Osaka City. We are happy if we can share the joy of paper and printing with people and connect them with that joy.

The lineup includes items in the M5 (micro 5-hole) and M5 square (micro 5-hole square) standard, the smallest size for system organizers. Taking advantage of being a printing company, we mainly offer binders with bi-color paper selections, indexes with beautiful S Prism Print, our original foil stamping and printing technology, and design refills with an assortment of three different types of writing paper.

The company is also actively involved in collaborations with creators, and has been cooperating in the design of various items.




Bicolor Binder (M5/M5 Square size)
This is a paper binder for the smallest size of system organizers, M5 and M5 Square. We have prepared paper binders for system organizers, which are often made of leather, and which are of high quality, but can also feel intimidatingly expensive. As a printing company, we have selected paper from a wide variety of papers to match our organizers. This item allows you to imagine your life with a system organizer, which can be used in a variety of ways, such as for a quick step, for carrying around, or for storage.

The image above is a photo of an item that is currently being developed. A new version is currently under development and the appearance may be subject to change.


システム手帳の最小サイズ・M5サイズとM5スクエアサイズ向けインデックスです。(1stタブ・2ndタブの2枚入) 独自の箔押し+印刷技術・Sプリズムプリントを図案全面に施した輝きがきれいなアイテムです。手帳のインデックスとしての実用的な使い方のみではなく、角度によって変わる図案の表情の美しさをお楽しみください。

Prism Index (M5/M5 Square size)
Indexes for the smallest system organizer sizes, M5 and M5 Square. (1st tab and 2nd tab in a set of two.) The original foil stamping + printing technology, S Prism Print, is applied to the entire surface of the design to create a beautifully shining item. Please enjoy not only the practical use as an index for your notebook, but also the beauty of the expression of the design that changes depending on the angle.


システム手帳の最小サイズ・M5サイズとM5スクエアサイズ向けのリフィルです。(3紙種×各10枚入) 万年筆を始めとした様々な筆記具で紙ごとに異なる書き味が楽しめる「コスモエアライト・キャサリン・サンレイド」をセレクト。筆記具好き・インク好き・手帳好き・紙好きの方が広く楽しめるアイテムです。


Paper Refills (M5/M5 Square Size)
Paper refills for M5 and M5 Square size, the smallest size of system organizers. (3 paper types x 10 sheets each) We have selected "Cosmo Air Light, Catherine, and Sun Raid", which allow you to enjoy different writing tastes for each paper with various writing instruments including fountain pens. This item can be widely enjoyed by lovers of writing instruments, ink, organizers, and paper.

*The image is an example as there are various designs for each size.