Kobe is a city with many cultural districts nurtured by the nature of the sea and mountains and by the history of the city since before the opening of the port.
The Nagasawa Stationery Center, which is rooted in Kobe and has been involved in the culture through its stationery, offers stationery that conveys a "love of Kobe" and "memories of Kobe".
With the concept of "carrying the scenery of Kobe with you," we aim to create stationery that will make you smile with memories every time you use it, whether you are a Kobe lover, a person who lives away from Kobe, or a visitor to Kobe.

Kobe INK 物語


2007年に神戸で生まれた万年筆インク「Kobe INK物語」。




Kobe INK Story" fountain pen ink was born in Kobe in 2007.
At that time, about 10 years had passed since the earthquake, and things were beginning to settle down from the days of reconstruction. We at Nagasawa Stationery Center were severely damaged by the earthquake, but thanks to the warm support from our customers, business partners, and nationwide, we were able to get back on our feet.

When Naoyuki Takeuchi, the developer of Kobe Ink, wanted to write thank-you letters to those who had helped us after the earthquake, he thought, "I would like to write with fountain pen ink in colors that are typical of Kobe.

He wanted to convey the charm of the colorful city of Kobe, so he created the first three colors. The first three colors were "green," a beautiful color of Mt. Rokko, "blue," a beautiful color seen from the wharf, and "sepia," inspired by the buildings in the Old Settlement area.

When we launched the product, the response was overwhelming, and we began to receive many customers asking us to make them in the colors of their city. Kobe, which we love so much, has many attractive towns, landscapes, and plants. We carefully research them to create our ink.
We would be happy if we could convey the charm of Kobe to many people through "Kobe Ink Story".



Weathercock fountain pen
With the spread of PC documents and e-mails, we wanted more people to know the quality of handwritten letters that convey the feelings and expressions of the writer, so we incorporated the calm and mature image of Kobe into Nagasawa's original fountain pen.
The nib of the fountain pen is engraved with a weathercock, the symbol of Kobe. The skeleton body of the fountain pen allows you to enjoy the colored ink inside more. We hope you will enjoy writing with our fountain pens.