RUNO & DUNN がまぐちペンケース


dünnとがま口ペンケース"るぅの"のコラボペンケースが新登場。がま口のかわいさと、革の高級感が絶妙なバランスで、大人のペンケースの装いを演出しています。外側はdünn glasspen boxでも使用したシボありの風合いの良い姫路レザー、ペンが入る内部は保管性の高い素材エクセーヌを使用し、ペンにも優しい仕様となっています。ペンだけではなく便箋や定規なども収納することが可能です。

RUNO & DUNN Pen Case with Clasp
A new pen case collaboration between dünn and the Gamaguchi-Pen Case "Ruuno" is now available. The cute appearance of the clasp and the luxurious feel of the leather are exquisitely balanced to create an adult pen case. The outside is made of Himeji leather with the same grainy texture used for the dünn glasspen box, and the inside is made of Ecsaine, a material with high storage properties, making it gentle to pens as well. It can hold not only pens but also letterheads and rulers.


dünn glasspen box 2023 model

2022年に登場した"dünn glasspen box "、お気に入りのガラスペンを持ち運ぼうというコンセプトで、ペンショーなどで人気を博しました。

Easier to use in response to user feedback
The "dünn glasspen box" was first introduced in 2022, and was popular at pen shows and other events based on the concept of carrying your favorite glass pens.
In response to the feedback from users, a new model is now available with a revised structure and size to allow you to carry your pens with more peace of mind.