文具と収納用品のセレクトショップとして2018年にスタートしたDOCKET STORE。
DOCKET Office Supply(ドケットオフィスサプライ)は、リモートワークなどあらゆる場所がオフィスとして見立てられる現代に提案する道具を集めたブランド。

Docket Office Supply
DOCKET STORE started in 2018 as a select store for stationery and storage supplies.
While selecting and selling stationery useful for remote work, we have also developed as a one-man stationery manufacturer that also offers original items.
DOCKET Office Supply is a brand that collects tools proposed for today's world where every place is considered as an office, including remote work.
The brand offers original items such as "Receipt Scan Board," stationery that will be necessary in an era when the invoice system that will start in October 2023 and the Electronic Bookkeeping Law that will become mandatory in January 2024 will become commonplace, and "IDEAL," a replaceable hard cover that allows you to carry your favorite thin notebook with care. IDEAL", a replaceable hard cover that allows you to carry your favorite thin notebook with you.



Receipt Scan Board
We have created a tool that takes the hassle out of scanning receipts with a smartphone camera.
By placing the receipt between a low-reflective sheet and the board, it stretches wrinkles and prevents reflections from ceiling lights.


レシートをスマートフォンのカメラでスキャンする際の面倒事を取り除いてくれる道具をtoto レシートスキャンボードの交換用低反射シートです。

Low-reflective sheet
This low reflection sheet is a replacement for the toto Receipt Scan Board, a tool that removes the hassle of scanning receipts with a smartphone camera.
It can also be used as a stand-alone tool to prevent light reflection.