YAMAMOTO PAPER is a paper wholesaler and original stationary brand located in Osaka, Sakai. Founded in 1972,over the years we have sold a lot of paper as a paper wholesaler. In 2005, Draw on our own experience, we started to manufacture and sale original products made with selected paper. In 2009, Old Heidelberg windmill platen letterpress came to our factory and we started to print with it. Also we are doing various activities to convey the enjoyment of the paper. Even white paper that looks the same has bluish white and reddish white. There is also a sparkling white paper that will be used for wedding invitations if there is a white paper with slick texture. Paper has different thickness, color and texture, and there are thousands of types. To convey such entertainment of paper and warmth of paper, we are making products using various printing technologies and paper processing technologies. We continue to create values through paper that we can confidently convey to the future.


□The Best Paper of 2019 Find Your Fountain Pen Friendly Paper organized by YAMAMOTO PAPER in San Francisco Pen Show. This paper is excellent at fountain pen ink shading and sheening. Please enjoy this paper!
□In Nov. 2019, we met with Mr. bechori at Tokyo Inter National Pen Show. And we introduced ""COSMO AIR LIGHT"" paper to him. He was interested in ""COSMO AIR LIGHT"" very much. Then he start using it for his art works. And he has posted his work photo to Instagram. Many ink fans knew COSMO AIR LIGHT since watcting his posts.
□COSMO NOTE has plain pages, and come with 6 mm squared /12 mm lined guide sheet. We discussed which GSM is the best for COSMO NOTE, to be accepted by notebook fans of all over the world. Then we dicided 83gsm in terms of writing feeling and condition of seeing throuth the guide sheet.
COSMO AIR LIGHT is categorized as micro corted high-bulk paper - paper that is thick but light. Thickness of 83GSM is 111±3μm. it's the same as matte corted paper 104.7GSM. In other words, COSMO AIR LIGHT is more 20% lightter than matte corted paper regardless of the same thickness.
□COSMO NOTE is sewn in sections along the spine for a sturdy finish. Section sewing provide COSMO NOTE widely openable between centerfolds without sacrificing strength.

Fountain Penfriendly Paper Collection

""Fountain Pen Friendly Paper collection"" is a sample book that is included 18 kinds of paper recommended for the fountain pen. And it includes stories of eahe paper too. 5 sheets each. It is bound by padding compound, so you can cut pages one by one.
The problems when writing by the fountain pen are feathering, bleeding, and dry time. We spent a long time searching for very fountain pen friendly papers. We used many varieties of nibs, fountain pens, inks for our writing test. And at last, we found many papers that are fountain pen friendly.
We selected 18 kinds of paper that are very unique. Onionskin, Eggshell, Trancelusent, watermark, and so on. Let's looking for your pen friendly paper!


Yamamoto Paper’s WRITING PAD series is a collection of writing pads that let you enjoy the textures and writing experiences of various types of paper. The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about major changes in the social infrastructure across a wide spectrum of fields. The paper industry has also been greatly affected by this outbreak, with an accelerating trend to digitize traditional paper-based workflows to support remote workers hitting them particularly hard. Up until these times, Japanese paper manufacturers have strived to offer a wide variety of products to meet every customer’s specific needs, tweaking formulations based on regional needs or for very particular usage scenarios. As a result, Japanese paper manufacturers have managed to produce a vast breadth of paper varieties that are unmatched in any other part of the world. Unfortunately though, the pandemic has put these paper manufacturers in a severe financial strain, forcing them to find ways to cut costs for survival. The consolidation of product offerings has been accelerated and less profitable paper varieties are rapidly being phased out. In order to preserve the obscure gems of writing papers that are on the brink of possible extinction, Yamamoto Paper has curated our favorite writing papers and turned them into writing pads your enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of writing on these papers as it may only be a matter of time before they disappear forever!