moi day

moi day

moi day is a product that makes it easy to turn children's clothes filled with memories into interior decorations. Children's clothes are filled with many memories. The day they took their first steps, the way they cried on the way home from the park, the look on their faces when they dressed up a little and became a little older. A single piece of clothing can bring back many memories. There must be a better way. This is how we started this project. We want to convey the clothes we used to wear back then to the present in a different form. By having them in a place where they can be seen at any time, they remind us of "those days" when our children were still young. We want moi day to be more than just a piece of interior design.

Wall Clock

A wall clock made by remaking memorable children's clothes.
The checkered clothes they used to wear.
The one-piece, which the child loved.
pockets filled with acorns.
Choose clothes that bring back memories of those days.

Hang a clock in the living room where the whole family gathers.
Busy mornings and family dinners.
Warm time flows in the space where everyone gathers.

Pen stand

A stand made by remaking memorable children's clothes.
Use the "sleeves" of the clothes and the "shins" of the trousers.
I put my little hands up.
I remember those days when I used to walk around with my little hands up, holding them together every day.

You can use it as a pen holder, a glasses holder, or even as a dried flower decoration.
You can use it as a pen tray, glasses holder, or even dried flowers.

Pen tray

A tray made by remaking memorable children's clothing.

Put your glasses on it to remind you of your child before you go to bed.
Put a pen on it and breathe a sigh of relief when you're at work.
Put your keys on it when you come home, smile and say, "I'm home!

I think of my children in various everyday situations.
It is a chance to bring back warm memories.