Kneepon from Nippon!We are a stationery maker that plans and develops original products in Japan.We are also a design company that works with clients on product development and others.Our mission is to spread ideas from Japan by tapping on your knee.


This box can be used to collect documents and small articles of different sizes, including proposals, rough sketches, reference materials, price estimates, business cards, receipts, and more.

Anyone can use it to help them clean up their desk space and concentrate on work by using the simple rule of sorting all related documents for each project into one place."


This is an authentic masking tape series that faithfully reproduces real railroad cars at a level that will make even railroad fans exclaim, ""This!""

The form, mechanism, door positions, and other details have been pursued to create an authentic design that will enthrall even the most die-hard railfan.

The small box-shaped package reproduces the scenery of station buildings and station fronts, and the long train car pops out from the package as if it were departing, making it fun to take out the masking tapes.

You will want to keep a collection of these tapes on hand, one for use and one for preservation.