Hello, My company sells Glass Dip Pens made by Japanese glass artists. Japanese glass pens write very smoothly and are easy to use. There is a wide variety of barrel design by different artists. I am writing to you with the hope that our pens might be sold at your shop. There are 30 artists who make and supply glass pens for us. Are you interested in Japanese glass pens? I look forward to hearing from you soon. To view the products we carry, please visit:

Glass Studio Hand

Since the establishment of our studio in 1997
Since I started my studio in 1997, I have shifted my focus from glass beads to glass art, and from wearable pieces to pieces that can be seen and enjoyed.
We mainly produce glass marbles (spheres) and paperweights.
In recent years, I have also been producing laminated glass objects and accessories using dichroic glass.
We have recently produced a glass pen using the same technique.
Reflection glass pen using dichroic glass (glass with a special film attached to its surface)
(The body of the pen is polished for more than three days.)
The refraction of hikari shows its colorful appearance.


Guri Kobo

Guri Kobo is located in Samukawa-cho, Kanagawa, Japan.
It is a glass studio of oxygen burner work.
Five glass artists, led by glass artist Kumiko Tonoki, work at the studio.
We also offer a hands-on experience of glass pen making for the general public.
We also offer a hands-on experience of making glass pens for the general public.

Kumiko Tonoki <Background
1995 Entered Tama Art University, Sculpture Design Glass Course
1999 Selected for the Japanese Glass Exhibition (Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store)
2002 Started selling glass accessories brand "guridrop
2010 "Japanese Lampwork Exhibition" - 16 years
2012 Solo Exhibition "Happy Glass Life
2013 Solo Exhibition "The World of Irodori
2015 Opened a studio in Kayagasaki-shi
2019 Expansion and relocation of the studio to Samukawa-cho


2004 Studied basic glass art in Oregon, U.S.A.
2005 Established a studio
2006 Exhibited at Borosilicate Glass Art Expo
2007 Engaged in display production for Suntory Whisky "Yamazaki
2010: Produced glass accessories for "Y-3 New York fashion week 2010s/s collection".
2010 "Y-3 New York fashion week2010s/s collection
In recent years, I have been producing glass works in collaboration with "Ise Kiku Ichimonji Kinchika", a long-established cutlery store along the approach to Ise Jingu Shrine, founded in 1907.
He has been producing glass works in collaboration with "Ise Kiku Ichimonji Kinchika," a long-established cutlery shop along the Ise Shrine approach since its establishment in 1907.
He has produced a glass pen that is simple to write on because of his technology.