Beahouse is a one-man stationery company created by stationery creator Daikie Abe. Beahouse Beahouse creates one-of-a-kind new products full of ideas that have never existed before.

Multi size Book Cover

Multi size Book Caver is a book cover for any size book.
You have books of various sizes on your bookshelf, don't you?
Thin and small paperbacks, manga, hardcover new books, thick dictionaries, the Multi Size Book Cover will fit them all. Just one sheet!
The material is cotton fabric made in Japan. Each one is carefully made by craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan. [Patented.]

Doya Stationery Pen Case

Doya Stationery Pen Case is an easy-to-use pen case consisting of a rolled tray and a storage section. To store pens, simply pour them from the tray toward the storage section! It can be stored instantly! And since all the pens are out on the tray, you have instant access to the pen you want to use!
The materials used are leather and canvas, and each piece is carefully crafted by Japanese artisans.

Reading Record Bookmark Watashi Bunko

Reading Log Bookmark Watashi Bunko is a new reading product with a slightly nostalgic scent.
It is a bookmark designed in the form of a lending card that allows you to write down your book reading log.
Do you still remember the books you read in the library after school?
The "Reading Log Bookmark Watashi Bunko" records and stores your memories of the books you read.
In order not to forget the book you read that day.