We aim for nothing less than [100%], and create unwavering values. [100%] and [Absolute] may be the domain of Buddha or Gods and something unachievable by human means. However, when you aim for 100% and create something close, it moves the hearts of people and gives birth to an unwavering sense of value. We trust our intuition and create a form that is true to our inspiration. We eliminate all excess and humbly pursue nothing less than "100%". Commercialization is not the end, we want to further improve and change, and continue to seek what arouses latent desire.

Peti Peto

Peti Peto, which uses origami animals as a motif, is a pocket-sized cleaner made of polyester material that can clear debris or smudges from glasses and LCD screens. By taking advantage of the shape-memory property of pleated polyester material and folding it in, we have created a fabric that returns to the shape of the original origami even when unfolded. The name is inspired by the Latin words ""petit"" (small) and ""pet"" (animal), and we hope that the adorably folded cloth cleaner will become like a familiar pet that you will want to take with you to various places.


This pen is shaped like a pencil and eraser and uses ink which is erasable with the attached eraser.
In order to express graphite coming from the middle of the pencil, the tip of the nib is polished and glossy, and the outside is painted with a matte brass finish or in black and white.
The body is made of luxuriously machined brass, and the center of gravity has been lowered to reduce fatigue when using the product.The eraser part is replaceable in case of stain or damage. We are sure you will enjoy Pencillest, the highest class of a somewhat nostalgic feeling ""pencil.""

Minus Degree Cool

MINUS DEGREE is a towel that feels cold to the touch. The outer fabric is made of cotton pile from Imabari, a region famous for towel production. It can be used as an everyday hand towel. The lining is made of Zerocool, a contact-cooling material from Nemours Co. The towel feels cool even when dry, but wetting the towel further demonstrates the contact cooling function of the lining. Even if the towel warms up, you can bring back the cool sensation by shaking it and exposing it to the air. We recommend using it during hot seasons or while enjoying sports.